Fabric - Information

The following fabrics are available for robes and capes. There are always new beautiful fabrics and some fabrics are no longer available. This list is only a small selection of possible fabrics.


from 93,- Euro

The classic. Finely woven cotton fabric. The fabric is light but opaque. 100% cotton, weight approx. 150g/m². In black, red or white. Other colors on request.


Rayon Linen Soft

from 115,- Euro

Very beautiful, soft and heavy draping, feminine robe fabric.

Vintage Cotton

from 110,- Euro

Medium-weight quality - somewhat rustic but beautifully heavy drape. Weight approx. 170 g/m². The perfect monk's robe.

Vintage Baumwolle oder Leinen/Mix


Vintage Cotton Tau Robe oder Umhang

Cotton Batist

from 125,-  Euro

Beautiful fine cotton batiste. Fabric corresponds approximately to opaque caftans. Weight approx. 120g/m²


Cotton Satin (Bio Baumwolle GOTS)

from 165,- Euro

Cotton fabric with a silky sheen. Similar to cotton standard but somewhat lighter and shinier. Creases easily, but 100% organic cotton, weight approx. 150g/m.


Silk and vegan silk

Price on request

Gorgeous silk, opaque, 100% silk or vegan silk made from aloe or bamboo, approx. 120g/m.



Velvet - cotton (capes)

Price on request

Beautiful velvet made of 100% cotton, approx. 400g/m.