Shipping Information

We send our items all over the world. The shipping costs will be charged as flat rate and depends on the size and weight of the items. So, you pay only once, no matter how many items are ordered.

To keep shipping costs low, small and lightweight items are shipped as oversize letters. For parcels you can choose between insured and uninsured parcel, a big difference, especially abroad for the price. So far, all uninsured packages arrived and therefore we can offer this option to you.

The exact amount of shipping costs will be shown during the ordering process and can even be calculated in the shopping cart when you put an article there.

Shipping Costs


  • Letter: 2,20 €
  • Insured parcel: 6,90 €
  • Parcel: 4,10

European Union

  • Letter: 7,- €
  • Insured parcel: 17,-  €
  • Parcel: 8,60 €


  • Letter: 7,- €
  • Insured parcel: 41,- €
  •  ParPP Parcel: 13,90 €

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us on: