Tau Robe Ladies

Highest quality magickal Tau Robes

tau robe women

I offer other kinds of Robes for members of the various magickal orders. You may send us an e-mail with information about the kind of Robe you need, and i will contact you with information about the Robe and its cost to purchase.

Sizes S, M, L and XL, XXL. All sizes can be made to measure at no extra charge.

Colors: white, black, red, depending on the fabric almost all colors are possible.


  • very popular: standard cotton, 100 % cotton / without hood: 93,-, / with hood 103,- Euro
  • Please ask for current fabrics and prices.  
  • Linen, silk, organic silk, satin, viscose, linen/viscose, organic cotton and other fabrics.
  • see other possible fabrics here
  • lined + 50,- Euro (with cotton lining)

With or without hood

Tau Robe Ladies is slightly more feminine and the cutting pattern softer than the men's Tau Robe.

Quote request, further information and order via E-Mail to: service@tau-noir.de

Tau Robe Damen


Tau Robe Damen